Friday, January 19, 2007


Here are a few Witchblade pages that I colored. Issue 88, I think.
These were a lot of fun because...well first and foremost, because I got to work with Michael Choi, whom I've never colored before. I really love his style and tho I don't make him look any where close to as good as Sonia Oback does, it was nice to have the opportunity.

The other thing that made them fun was the different challenges they offered. For some reason it's always easier for me to color a big superhero-spandex-laser-shooting-fight scene then something more pedestrian. And it's hard to get more pedestrian than a rainy day in NYC. So it was cool to play around with reflections, lighting, and just how does mustard on a pretzel look in the rain?

The interior of the warehouse was fun as well because it gave me a chance to dirty up the art and try to set up a suspenseful mood with lighting and set dressing. Hopefully it worked.



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